The house can only decide to bring forward impeachment charges but it is the Senate that can act on those charges I think.


Yea, think that’s it, and Mitch is acting so partisan it’s like he’s up to his ball bag in this.



Not only are they being “invaded” by brown people but by time travellers too :open_mouth:


Excuse the language but I truly hope this evil bitch ends up behind bars


Didn’t a British minister recently talk about Czechoslovakians in a non-historic way.


There is significant irony in America being called the land of the free and in them rabbiting on about democracy. Their system is totally undemocratic and deeply flawed.


It’s a feckin shambles


Their constitution and the bill of rights are masterpieces but the US has not lived up to them in decades…


Not at all. Electoral Colleges? Becoming president without winning the popular vote? The extent of presidential powers? Etc.


You can become Taoiseach here without your party coming remotely close to winning the popular vote. The US electoral college system is heavily flawed imo, but even if you do lose the popular vote, it’s not possible to become President & be massively on the wrong side of a huge % split in the popular vote. It’ll be 49.5% vs 50.5% (of those who voted) at worst.

Political parties/leaders on this side of the pond form coalition governments all the time, when they on the wrong side of a massive 70%/30% popular vote split. Granted, the differing political systems here, and the sheer proliferation of smaller special interest parties makes it possible in ways that can’t happen in the US, but the basic point remains imo.


But half a percent is massive! And you are not comparing like with like as I did not mention coalitions. At least a coalition as to get you over 50% here, before you can govern. They don’t do them. Plus their Senate which has huge power, is entirely unrepresentative, numbers-wise. Their system is crap, as is first past the post in the U.K.


That was designed so individual states couldn’t have too much power? Was it not needed to form the union? The EU is more un-democratic and there is such a thing as too much democracy



These little cùnts always have such punchable faces

Few smacks of a hurl would sort little pricks like this out


Apparently he’s a Vietnam veteran as well . What a bunch of no marks .


Sure thing Donnie and I’ve just spent the night with Scarlett Johansson


The US. deserves him at this stage. The only advantage to this window-licking, sex-abuser, fraudulent, lying satsuma being in public office is that the rest of us can see clearly what U.S. attitudes at the top, are really like. With dumbo, its not that the mask slips, there is no mask.


We got a 2 for 1 here. “Black Muslims”


That’s one of the most insulting, yet disturbingly accurate descriptions I have read about him!