Loved your role in Goodfellas - you played Jimmy Two-Times to a tee.


The “painting” in the second one :joy:


Jared an idiot ? Well I for one am shocked





The POTUS can only appear in the house chamber at the invitation of The Speaker.


Can he attend if he wears his congressional pin and is invited to speak by one of his own party members? I’m just thinking frank underwood here


Not in an official capacity


Yes whatever could it be :thinking::thinking::thinking:


something that rhymes with blight flupremacy maybe?



Flight clupremacy???


That day in the oval office was the day she showed how smart she is. Pence sat there like a Trappist monk. I wonder what he makes of it all. He is the one I fear. He is a more intelligent version of Trump. Same awful world view but not stupid.






This is a pretty fucking big deal if true judging from a lot of people who aren’t prone to hyperbole

Obstruction of Justice and Perjury


So he is definitely going down. This time. Again.


We pretty much know he is guilty as sin at this stage. The GOP don’t care which makes it very hard to take him down.

For a constitution which was drawn up determined to avoid tyranny, the president is almost as powerful as a king. ridiculously hard to take him down.


Difference now is the Dems control the House



Times have changed though, back then the gop had morals and didn’t have a propaganda channel defending anything they do 24/7