And yes I realize Wikipedia is not exactly a cast iron case! :joy:


Heard ye the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Phone acting the maggot


Presume she’s still off Twitter ?


Oh, loves me some Loony Laura so I do, so I do. She should chain herself to St Conleth’s Park until they commit to a rebuild. Bet she’d get a result in a hurry just to get rid of her. :joy:


Well do ye trust the CIA or elements in the US government?


Of course. Why shouldn’t I trust the CIA? As a law abiding US citizen, I’ve got nothing to…ahem…hide. :wink:

Oh no, wait a minute. I live on “foreign” soil now. Well that’s me rightly buggered then so.


Well of course the CIA are supposed to be an “intelligence” gathering operation and only operate on foreign soil…:joy::joy:

Any wonder your average joe from Ohio or Colorado won’t date give up his guns. They don’t trust their government.


Listen you. I own all the Bourne movies on DVD. Don’t you be trying to tell me where or how our intelligence services operate. :blush:


Trust them? Of course not. But I don’t think the 10k or so deaths a year due to the proliferation of weapons is an acceptable price to pay. In their wildest dreams isis couldn’t match that carnage but somehow it’s deemed acceptable.


Fucking hell


Jesus , that’s pathetic, as for the food…


I agree but talking to an American friend who owns a hand gun and a rifle…weapons that will never be banned. His view is that many Americans don’t trust their government and believe a civilian population unarmed will lead to tyranny…not necessarily in their lifetime but down the line…you just got to look at the beefed up military style police in the US…


I know yea, they will never ban gun ownership. just looking in from the outside it’s a huge price to pay for this notional tyranny deterant lark. Seems very outdated idea all round.



That fucker Nunes is another on my list that I really want to see go down



In other news, water is wet!

… but what can be done about it, seems for a constitution that was supposed to stop tyranny, the position of president is almost bullet proof if he has a complicit senate.


How cold must all of those burgers have been by the time the actual players showed up?


Think that’s almost the worst part of it. Not to worry I’m sure Donnie finished off what was left :face_vomiting:


I Suppose it’s who’s saying that’s significant. They wouldn’t make a call like that easily.