You were about for the previous one?


Hey, you’re only as old as the man you feel. :wink:


So that’s a yes!!




Ivanka being tipped for World Bank Presidency. This fcuking trip is lasting way toooooo long at this stage. Nearly two years!!!


Its going to get embarrassing when she needs to take off her shoes for numbers bigger than ten!


Floated by whom? Who in their right mind would think that’s a good idea?


Probably floated by the orange orangutan


Who else, but why would he have a say in the world bank?


US always pick world back leader and EU the IMF.


Didn’t know that. What a stitch up.


She is the anti trump, think I’m falling in love :star_struck:


Not afraid to call out their bullshit for sure.



They made Jimmy Carter get rid of a fùcking peanut farm


The inquiry forced counterintelligence investigators to evaluate whether Mr Trump was a potential threat to national security, and they also sought to determine whether Mr Trump was deliberately working for Russia or had unintentionally been influenced by Moscow, according to the report.

It’s remarkable really.


Former DOJ spokesman:


I have absolutely no doubt he is in cahoots with the Russians, as if all of the conspiracies that we know about were going on without trumps knowledge. He’s a control freak, he knows every damn thing and I have no doubt approved it all as well. Proving that is going to be the tricky bit.


Might a relation of his go down for this before he does?