This should be good…:popcorn::popcorn:


Poor baby





Love family guy and just a point here…Americans like all great free society’s including us here can mock and take da piss out of our presidents and governments…would you see a similar cartoon in Russia, the Middle East or even China? I reckon If they did the cartoon maker or producer would disappear.


Medieval wheel & wall
And rambling man
Who knows fcuk all
And expenses cars
But a wheel works
And a wall works
Nothing like a wall
That’s all …



Looking like Kamala Harris is running

A ticket of her and Beto O’Rourke or Joe Kennedy III would be good


I like him but there’s a big majority who don’t want a Kennedy anywhere near the Oval Office.


I can’t handle another Kennedy in the White House. Ryan Turbridy would become even more insufferable. (If that is even possible. :roll_eyes: )


George Hook would have more of a hard-on for the Kennedy’s.


Thankfully that windbag is off the radio.


Your honour I’d like to “correct” the juries verdict of my client before it’s read out.


Giuliani has lost the plot, i mean, you couldn’t make up the nonsense he come out with. yet they keep inviting him on air. I thought he was going to shut Meuller down by xmas 2017 anyway.


You end up with Muller lite.


Keep him in his Corner


I think Kennedy will wait until 2024/2028. I’m impressed by him too.