Did you hear that bint kellyanne Conway saying that your microwave is watching. Where do they get these morons.

David Davis has not done a cost analysis on leaving the EU without a deal.

the lunatics have taken over the asylum


if there’s ever an attack in America from one of these countries citizens, Trump will end up getting 4 more years on the back of it. Politically its a win/win for him I reckon every time he enacts a version of that executive order


:joy: Yer on a roll lately Tayts!

The Dutch are the most liberal nation in Europe, (apart from McGowans/Broadstone), if they’re cracking down on Muslim extremism it must be extreme.
Austria is another matter. Anyway it’s all putting pressure on Angela



Was tweeted on the actual McDonalds account but quickly deleted



respect to Mccy Dees!


Theres one less intern in McDs now


“Compromised” Of course it was :joy:


As Aido would say, da da da da da I’m lovin it …


Fucking heathens the state of that pint


Pint fit for a prick.


Small head … small hands …


Not as bad as this abomination


That’s a ‘wedding’ pint.


Is that a free pint and short they’re offering…?


Yeah but the airfare is a couple of grand so it’s not really worth it …


That’s a very negative way of looking at things.


Where’s Noel V Ginnity in all this


Fucking ghouls. They don’t give a ■■■■ about the elderly or veterans. Of course plenty of money for his Orangeness to ■■■■ off to Florida every weekend and for the First Lady to stay in New York the whole time because she can’t stand him


“Lady”?? So he has another wife?