Interesting stat


That’s mad.
No wonder the Dems have struggled so much lately…



White men seem to believe their privilege under threat and all vote republicans what I can’t understand is how women vote for them in such massive numbers

EDIT * privilege


I mean do we need a quota on everything? In 2017 they had a woman enlist in US Navy Seal training…she dropped out. There are some things and jobs women simply can’t do…


100% correct. I know four lads who dropped out of secretarial college back in the early 80s.


Whatever about the racism father, it’s the sexism on this site that is the problem!


Yeh but there’s plenty of things men aren’t able to do as well…


Wimmin just don’t like arguing about the same things as men. They’re not able to




That’s the whole point. Equal doesn’t mean same.


The new hate figure for repulucans she threatens everything they believe in.

Young, female, Hispanic, articulate, socialist and sexy as hell :kissing_heart:




‘We’re going to impeach the motherf***er’ - Democrat congresswoman’s call out of Trump raises eyebrows

A lot of people think the way to beat trump is to take the moral high ground, what they fail to factor in is 7 republicans and the dems tried this and failed miserably. These new young Dems seem to know what’s needed.


Tells you all you need to know about Trump supporters

Probably describes herself as a “Christian” too


I wonder who she thinks he should be hurting.


Jesus Christ

He’s dead serious too.


the level of “debate” on twitter is really plumbing new depths.




That’s brutal…I’ve been at the Vietnam and Korean War memorials…over 52,000 names of young men…very moving. How this clown can equate or even reference a war memorial wall to trumps wall is embarrassing


You answered it yourself MM