I’d just get out of his way and let him screw it up, it’s obvious he’s out of his depth and full of shit and that most of the policies he claimed would make America great again are actually hurting those that voted for him as a protest vote.


If running against Trump the age wouldn’t be that big of an issue (due to Trump being only a few years younger) but would become a problem if he was to win and then look to run for a second term.

I reckon a Biden Warren ticket is their best bet, with Biden only serving one term if they win.



Totally normal




■■■■ me the dems need to elevent some young blood. Their 3 main voices are all in their mid 70s, Pelosi, Biden & Bernie


They had a large number of first time congressmen/women voted in did they? It will be interesting to see how they elevate themselves in the coming months


Yes but where are the promanint 50 year olds, having 3, 4 if you include the last presidential candidate, in their 70s suggests there is a talent voide across a whole generation.


Agree on that. Who is the one in her late 20/early 30s who made a lot of noise in the election, Cortes possibly? She might be one to keep an eye on and Beto O’Rourke despite not winning gained a lot of national exposure. Don’t be surprised to see a possible presidential bid from him


How would you take Trump on though? I’m thinking a good cop- bad cop scenario with a vice-presidential candidate that goes low and a presidential one that rises above it all. Hard to change the minds of the okies from Muskogee but the urban, young and female electorate would be enough either way.


I think Trump will retain his core 35-40% vote. It is aiming for the swing voters that will matter. Focus on a few key states like Pennsylvania Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota and whether there has been job creation or not. There is also the possibility of an economic slow down and talk of a recession in the next 18 months. That would be an easy target if it comes to pass. Try to focus on all the lies or promises he broke in his campaign. A swing of 2/3 % in a lot of states will swing an election the other way.

I don’t know if I’d focus as much on a good cop bad cop narrative but rather a combo that appeals to minority voters and can attract a large turnout.


There’s a young Kennedy and that Beto o’rourke guy speaks well. That woman from New Jersey that the GOP hate as well, Hispanic socialist, they released a video of her dancing when she was in college as an attempt to smear her, if that’s the best they can do, they’re Really clutching at straws.


So Trump won’t be in jail or impeached? Is he right? Is it all fake news and conspiracy?


Can’t see the senate impeaching him currently but a lot depends on the final Mueller report.


Women, I always knew it was the women.:joy:



True but can’t be denied that Trump and the GOP are fucking terrified of her in particular


The vast majority of illegal immigration comes via air and sea…thoese overstaying visas etc…this wall does not stop this. Also when is the last time a South American terrorist attacked the US?

Maybe the wall could stop the CIA sponsored drug barons


Not like Bibi wasn’t warned that Trump would ■■■■ them over. I’d say the Israeli military knew alright but Bibi like the orange shitgibbon is a narcissistic ■■■■ who thinks he knows better than everyone else.


For a crowd who accuse others of being snowflakes they sure do clutch their pearls a lot