What a fucking loser


He’s clearly mad.


He certainly does seem angry.


Irate him as being positively deranged, crazy fook like him.


And with some luck the ■■■■ will have aneurism while trying to shite out the 8 pounds of undigested cheeseburger.


Wouldn’t surprise me one bit


Wouldn’t be beyond him


“Only 2 kids have died” What a fucking asshole


Isn’t king Irish, same gene pool as many of our own leaders.


Warren throws her hat into the ring (Unsurprisingly)


I would have thought it was very early to be going this public. While I think she would do a better job of energising the Dem base than Hillary (particularly the youth vote) I would still think it would be risky for the Dems to go with her at the moment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up the VP pick on a Joe Biden ticket.


Very early, as the only declared Dem she’ll have every Trumpist wingnut throwing all sorts at her.


Nah it’s not extremely early at all. Obama announced his candidacy in Jan 2007 IIRC. Primaries and Caucuses start in Jan 2020

EDIT: It was Feb 10th 2007


O’Rourke is going to run as well I reckon. Will probably make a formal announcement in the next month or so I’d say


I didn’t realise he declared that early, maybe they all do, but I think the more exposure you have to social media/ Fox News type negative campaigning stuff the more it will stick these days. Throwing your name in late while campaigning in all but name might be the way to go, main thing is to let Trump be Trump, the more he is the more he reveals himself to be a disasterous buffoon.


I hope the Democrats have a plan. If they run a candidate who splits their vote, dumbo will get back in. I like Elizabeth but could she beat him? I’m not sure whether you need to get down and dirty to beat Trump or if you should just camly win as many arguments as you can? Any thoughts?


Sanders can do one for starters. He’s not even a Democrat ffs.


Biden would be perfect for getting down and dirty. Age is not on his side though


70 plus?


76 last month. Will be 3 weeks short of 78 by the time the election comes around.