The U.S. has NEVER done anything that did not involve it’s own interests. Mayoman, your view of them is as inaccurate as their view of us.


That’s true but I think it’s fair to say that their interests kept a very strong Soviet army at bay in Western Europe after WW2


The U.S. controls far more of the planet in some ways, that the Russkies ever did. They kill more people too. Just saying.


True but our interests are far more aligned with the US commercially and economically and in other ways than with Russia. I’m not saying I agree with US foreign policy but just pointing out that US intervention was more than likely needed to stem Soviet expansion westwards following WW2


It’s kind of naive to expect the USA to police the world anyway, every country acts in their own interests first and foremost.



This effing wall. what a dopey f**ker.


We never expected them to. They say that they do, as a cover for doing what they want. The world would be much safer if they did not ‘police’ it.


Agree ye, it’s just propaganda that helps justify their crazy spending on the military.




Stating the bleedin obvious, since well before any election.


Are these people republicans?


Yep and both served under Dem. Presidents. Cohen was Clinton’s Def. Secretary in his 2nd term and Hagel was Obama’s Def. Secretary in his 2nd term.


Thin skinned cùnt


He’s clearly extremely intellectually limited as well. A spoilt, stupid bully. Considering his apparent popularity among some sections of society, the education system and media in the U.S. have much to answer for.


The way the electoral college voting works doesn’t help the matter either .


That’s being kind; he is clearly mentally deficient.


I don’t mean to alarm anyone but :grimacing:


Totally normal 2 days before Christmas. I’m sure everything is just fine