He’s so gonna play the dementia card



Problem is for these guys, will you take an obstruction of justice shaped bullet for trump? He’d have you under the bus without a second thought. Would you be arsed?


I seem to remember Bush on an aircraft carrier back in 2003 declaring “Misson Acompolished” although he was not as brash as Trump which is saying something.

Syria will be left to Iran, Turkey and Russians now.


And the Kurds will be screwed. Unsurprisingly the only support Trump gets is from Putin. Less like support, more like ‘good doggie’.


Oh goodie the only sane member of the administration is leaving

I dread to think who comes in to replace Mattis


Exactly what came to my mind.
I would not be surprised to see acts of terrorism on USA targets carried out by Kurds.


Truly this ‘man’ is the greatest imbecile of all time. It is just absolutely incredible that he continues to lead a world power. He demeans it every day … without fail.



We’ll see. If you could take Trump at his word (ha ha!), this would be great news. The more countries the US gets out of, the better.


Ronald mcFecking Donald.



Mattis also said it was an honour to serve the troops but makes no mention of Trump in a similar vein.


So the last sane person has left the building.


Anything but sane.


That’s your typical American.


In a perfect world but Very simplistic and we don’t live in a perfect world. Without US intervention down the decades what sort of Europe would we have now? Russian controlled


No but Probably a rearmed Germany. the US make decisions for their own interest and have had the dominance to be able to so. US interventions since Koria have hardley been a glowing success and with the exceptions of Afghanistan and Iraq 1 they were all avoidable.


Yeah this USA good cop stuff is a little tiresome at this stage. The US never did anything that wasn’t foremost in their own best interest - naturally enough. I know it’s your next door neighbour @mayoman but it’s getting increasingly hard to like the place or even take it seriously.