Here ya go


OK, that’s not the actions of a “normal” mentality. Obviously unstable, I know as I meet those type regularly on tinder!!! :blush:

Joking aside, this is a video of a mentally unstable person, scattering her madness. It’s not a racism thing, I’d say she hates everyone. The chap with the selfie needs help too. How does he think it’s normal to record somebody’s mental breakdown? I dunno!


He has almost 20k followers, it’s probably part of his “job” to film stuff like this .
It became a racist thing once she spoke those words …


That woman has serious mental health issues. Branding her as a trump voter is a cheap shot. She is ill. Guy doing the recording looks like a smug asshole. Is he the one who calls her a Trump supporter?


Yeah the fucker was pimping out his podcast. Thats the thing with America everyone is trying to gain fame at someone else’s misery and expense. He needs a root in the balls for been Mr. Smug. As for the lady clear as day she has mental health issues.



Stuff like this always reminds me of the monologue Craig Ferguson did about his alcoholism and why he wasn’t going to make jokes about Brittany Spears (this was back when she was going through a number of issues). Always struck me as a good point that mocking people who clearly need help and are going through some stuff is just punching down and not what we should be doing.


senate going above trumps head


Wrong thread :wink:


Damn you’re Quick! :joy:


Really big man. I never accused and do not believe you are in anyway a racist or a bad person . Again we all have our opinions and basis the big generational gap and our surroundings (can’t think of a better word) means we see curtain things in the world differently.

Your one it that is a horrible bitch, but she may be the only one as we don’t see what has lead up to it


Honest question.

I get the luas regularly and I have seen junkies and scumbags racially and physically abusing people of different nationalities on a semi regular basis, similar to the video. I’m sure they have mental health issues too but where do we draw the line?


On a horse on stilts there, accusing me of being on a high horse, and I’m not even in this conversation. Talk about thrashing around looking for reactions to deflect from other people challenging you.


I have no clue what you are on about. I did not accuse you of anything.





This is mental


Happy endings , eh



Ah yes because there’s no way one of these guys would ever “Go Postal” no siree bob.