Massive difference in the groups to which you refer. One chooses a way of life that precludes education and social inclusion. The other adopts the norms of society but is still discriminated against. I’ll leave it to you to work it out.


Be careful you don’t fall off that high horse you’re on.


I tell it as I see it. It may not be pc but I don’t care. No high horse. That’s 25AliveOh etc. Not me.


i’ve chatted to Americans who would make the exact same argument about african americans that you make v travellers. anyway, no interest in getting into this can of worms again.


I get what your saying but America is a huge population with a diverse culture…can’t really compare to here. I believe our sentences are a joke…


That racism is as much driven by greed as it is by hate…the US prison system is privatized and big big business over there.
It is a “great” way to get money from Government coffers into rich white people’s pockets…by making sure that the minorities (black and hispanic) are kept down…thus creating a vicious cycle. They feel marginalized and deprived, these unprivileged societies turn to crime, sent to jail, broken homes, no role models, poor upbringing, more crime…more business for the prison owners.


If Don Jnr wasn’t such a fucking scumbag I’d have a small amount of sympathy for him


It’s simply slavery under a different name.


This would be amazing and such a Trump move. Adding even more flames to the dumpster fire by appointing a scumbag like Newt


The first rumblings of rats fleeing the ship?



About bleedin time, suspect they (Russians) have something on Mitch McConnell


If accurate that is some next level scumbagery.


What a fucked country , nasty piece of work


That the LUAS Red Line?


Excellent work.



Firstly! Not in any way condoning what she called that other girl or the spitting, or the other aggro reactions…

I would love to see what caused that reaction. Sometimes, as I discovered recently, there are parts of the story undiscovered until it’s revealed!!! Hiya @Hopper!


Hopper’s Chinese??


'bout the same height!