He is correct. Trumps story is ridiculous.

But he hit the nail on the head at the end, it’s up to republicans to do something. Which is the a lot of them seem to be embroiled up in it.


Not that Donnie copped it



Meanwhile in North Carolina



Thought Dole was dead


There is more dignity in that one action than Trump could muster in a lifetime


Bush is up there with Reagan and Thatcher for me. Glad he’s gone.


Someone’s been singing like a canary then



The revisionism when powerful, murderous old men die is as appalling as it is credible.


Ever been to the wall in Washington DC? Powerful and sad seeing over 50,000 names of young dead soldiers…those are the real people that should be remembered…as the Springsteen song goes in reference to the Vietnam veterans wall…

“Now the man who put you here
He feeds his family in rich dining halls
And apology and forgiveness have no place here at all
At the wall”

As my Vietnam vet cousin once said, he feels he has more in common with his counterparts on the Vietnam con side than those US politicians who sent him and his friends there.


That’s more or less what I was saying about those on the front lines in WWI. The cousins at war with each other weren’t doing the fighting.


Front row at Bush funeral: Gobshite & his wife, Barack & Michelle, Bill & Hillary and the Carters.

As awkward a line-up as you’ll see.


Saw it…Trump with folded arms. Looks like a hungover teenager at Christmas Day mass…no class


Jimmy looking well for a man of 94 :+1:


He looks better than the tangerine twat at the other end of the row …


Ronan Tynan sang at the funeral , apparently a good friend of Bush senior .


Great singer he is…reckon that will do his career no harm.