they think it might be a strategically leaked carefully selected portion of his 2005 tax return.


an autobiographer of Trumps has suggested as much to divert attention away from his wire tapping allegations


FBI Director to go public today


(Click the tweet to read the rest of them that are underneath the original.) Interesting take on it.


It apparently shows he availed of something called Alternative Minimum Tax, somethat that was brought in to make sure the wealthy avoid loopholes and therefore must pay some tax. No surprise that this is an item he is trying to do away with.
The vast majority of USA citizens (those that voted for Trump and those who helped him by NOT voting at all) deserve this abomination of a human being as their president. The rest should look north to Canada and apply there for citizenship.


technically, it’s the minority but such is the electoral college


Trudeau is the opposite extreme. I wouldn’t be running there anyway.


Read back what I said. He lost the popular vote by a long way, indeed.


My last line was tongue-in-cheek… they should go to Mexico instead.


That’s what I was going to say too. I’d rather take my chances in Cancun :joy:


It’s another piece of an intricate puzzle. Too easy to dismiss the story out of hand completely


“The rest should look north to Canada and apply there for citizenship”

Slow your ropes there buddy, we’re fine up here the way we are!


They already ruin that holiday destination enough for me.


Dutch elections will be interesting. Is it just me or are the media fueling these here populists. I could only name one Dutch politician and he’s a big dirty racist.


Does he look like Max Headroom?


Wilders party on 19 seats in joint 2nd place with 2 other parties. Ruling VVD (Liberal) leading on 31 seats.

If this is the case well done Netherlands :clap:


Wilders got a whopping 13% of the vote. So much for the tidal wave of populism*

*the above is based on exit polls which are about as reliable as the 16a


Oh dear :grin:


Too funny. Trumps gonna get him on twitter


Screwed over by their own words again. The stupidity in this administration. :joy: