Omg he is so damn dumb, was he always this thick or lost his marbles?


Ah go easy on the kid, he is just trying to provide vital updates on all the important matches!!!


Someone’s dying in prison. Mind you probably preferable to a dose of polonium or novichock


But if they are federal crimes, does that not mean that Trump can just pardon him anyway?


Still liable for State crimes which Trump can’t touch


This is also significant if true


You couldn’t make this up.


You really couldn’t. Unbelievable stuff.



If true that this was all planned Muller is one ballsey & smart man.


By all accounts he’s a serious operator. The problem lies with the GOP and their party before country ethics currently.


Well he did take down John “The Teflon Don” Gotti


and what must sicken them is he is a registered Republican so its not blatantly partisan not like the Kenneth Starr investigation


Yep, trump tries to call him a Democrat but he’s a republican, poor trump doesn’t understand that the rule of law matters more to some people.


Being fat ?


Wasn’t Elvis actually blonde. He started dying it black as a teenager.


Hopefully he’ll be doing the Jailhouse Rock before long, the hound dog.


That’ll do it…


Not dodgy at all


Wikileaks seems pretty confident it never happened. Willing to bet $1m on it.