It’s amazing how Trump’s deepening law-breaking behaviour and comments have desensitized people. Add in changing laws to suit your agenda. Monster rallies. Violence against opponents. Shutting down the press. Extra-judicial killing. Now who does that remind you of?


Give him anoother two years and he will declare himself president for life. citing some democrat plot to over throw him.


My money is on no second term. He wont run if he looks like losing. By then, the writing will be on the wall. I hope.


With a bit of luck a grassy knoll, an aneurism, cardiovascular failure or choking on a dollar saver double cheeseburger will take the fat ■■■■ out. No more listening to that whiney ducking voice waving his noddy hands around.


He has two years left. So long as he does no major damage in that time, I think at this stage I would prefer him to see out his term and let whatever Republican candidate who goes forward next time around (probably Trump) lose out to a Democrat (provided the Dems select a half-decent candidate). I would fear Pence getting in for 18-24 months at this stage.


Nah not until he’s out of office don’t want that fat cùnt getting all the trappings of a full State funeral


Would the crowd be as big as at his inauguration?


Doesn’t have to brown bread him. Just make him incapacitated! :+1:t2:


He already is …


He does seems mentally incapacitated anyway


That’s a very good point Beeko. Pence is more dangerous as he isn’t as intellectually challenged but has a similar world-view to Donnie Dumbo.


Yeah I know but if the fucker coujdnt talk or more importantly tweet well that’s a win win in my book.


This c**t is coming to an election near you


I missed this, apparently trump asked the DOJ to prosecute Clinton & Comey … and still the GOP do nothing.


Just for dubby it’s kyle again




Someone needs to press reset


Kind of ironic that with The Trump administration getting more bizzare by the day, thanksgiving this year falls on November 22nd…as my American friend said yesterday he often wonders how different America and the world would be today if President Kennedy had not been taken out.


Speaking of incapacitated