I’d say there are some US Congressmen and Congresswomen who have interests/shares in munitions companies who are selling their products to the various US Defence (oxymoronic word) Forces and the Defence Forces of other countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.


I hope Mayoman read that. The figure of 500,000 is a significant underestimation. It’s probably multiples of that.


i was more shocked at the 6 trillion (joking).


God I hate this man


Don’t they all look the same :disappointed_relieved:




Trump appointed judge too


Trump forgets that just because someone is a republican (old style republican) it doesn’t mean they’re bent or think he is above the law.


Quelle surprise


Who knew … oh? Everyone?


A new low every god damn week


And they can’t even practice Mindfulness! :face_with_head_bandage:




Meanwhile the finnish president says he never had a conversation with trump about raking out forests. So another lie about more bullshit because he just can’t act like a normal human being.


Lock her up!
Lock her up!




Explains a lot


Real shame about this , guy had some great points of view on events on America


Interesting read but it stops at a certain point and presumably you have to join/sign up.