True, but he has been going around with a face on him like a scolded toddler.


Never said that


Perhaps Fox are worried what might happen to them the next time there is a Democratic president.


Right…good luck. See ye when the league starts in 2019.


And get rid of your subscription to Fox News too …


Now you’ve gone and hurt his feelings Dubby ya big bollocks.


I’m trying to fackin help him. Tough love maybe but he knows how I feel about him.


What…the wars they have been in over the last 20 years have been for their interest exclusively. They haven’t gone to the defence of anyone or policed anyone. They use their military apparatus to their advantage, if the average America doesn’t want this they should vote for candidates that want to demilitarize instead of flag wavers who love a good war.


This is great


Jesus. Pigs. Flying.


Let’s see if he turns on them …


Would you stop! Nobody asked them to be the police? You need to do some reading. They start most of the conflicts and sell most of the weapons. They are the cause, not the saviours. Educate yourself on this.



Solidarity :thinking:


When the fox sides with the chickens, it makes me feel uneasy!


Fox News care as much about free speech & freedom of the press, as I do about Arlene Foster’s bunions. Methinks the penny is starting to drop with them, that the longer they leave their wagon hitched to a man becoming more and more deranged (and an administration trying to cover for him) the more it could damage them in the long run.


Apparently Murdoch met with republican leaders last week. Fox News has not tweeted in several days.?


So the election, didn’t really go trumps way


Going off on a big rant about the Mueller investigation. Usually a sign something is about to drop

:crossed_fingers: it’s Don Jr. :pray:


I’m not naive enough to think that countries wont occasionally do evil/nasty things to protect their own interests but this is remarkable