Incorrigible. Clueless. Classless.

America has truly become a cross between a reality TV show and the unfunniest sitcom ever featuring a dysfunctional family headed by an unstable patriarch.


He’s just a window-licker. Simple as that. If you view his comments as those of a badly-educated, unintelligent, cosseted, sly, vengeful teenaged rich- kid, then it all fits. The Yanks deserve him.


Trump is a clown…although there is some truth there somewhere…the Americans spend huge on defense and contribute far more than any nation. They also effectively have been protecting Europe (all be with their own interests in mind) since the end of WW2.

Lazy Irish commentators love to denounce the US but without them we would be speaking German or Russian now in what would be a very different world.

Let’s see the mood change when Irish youth are signing up to the EU army.


That’s pretty much what macron & Merkel are saying. Europe shouldn’t be replying on America for protection. Given trumps instability it’s a fair point. There’s no conscription in the Eu anymore so what’s the big deal? It is the Uk & USA who tend to invade countries illegally.


America spends on Defense to support the Military Industrial Complex, and for no other reason. It can glass the planet 3 times over - how much more does it need?

Did they protect Europe? When? Against whom? Against the Russians? America wasn’t looking out for Europe, it was looking to protect itself from the spread of communism, just like in Vietnam. They didn’t want Europe going red, and having a fair few bases dotted over Europe was handy for power projection.

Sure without France, America would still be British.


There probably isn’t one accurate syllable in that post. Every single thing the U.S. does is for itself. They have funded and contributed to conflict all over this planet for selfish reasons. They were dragged into the second world war reluctantly but did not take part to save Europe. They watched Europe burn, ffs!


You reckon the nazis would have been defeated without US intervention? Of course they were protecting their self interests…like every other country…that and the attack on Pearl Harbor which was a fatal mistake by the japs


they would have been, but then the french would be speaking russian, not german.


The ussr dominated a lot of countries, none of which now speak Russian. :grin:


The UK dominated a lot of countries - a lot of them now speak English. in fact, most of them speak English better than the English themselves!


And why do you think they do that and why would they have 200 overseas basis, why keep a covert army that works exclusively in foreign nations, that interfears and has over thrown heads of state. Its how that protect their positions as the dominant power in the world.

China is now a rival on the economic front, do you think the US pulling away from allies and reducing spending in NATO and UN will make them more or less I influential?


Different era and for a lot longer, generally then the USSR had control over eastern Europe although the Russians tried the old colonisation/ethnic cleansing lark as well.


Never Said they would have. But that was not the point raised. They didn’t enter the war to bail out their mates, they did it to stop them being the next target of the 4th Reich.

They stayed cos they could.


Debatable but yes, the Russians won the war and would have defeated the Nazi’s but who knows what way Europe would have looked if they did.

In contrast to the the question would the Nazi’s have been defeated if they had not gone to war with Russia. Probably not.


Less but your average American doesent want then US to be the world police and its those average US families that have seen their youth come home in coffins. Very easy for us Irish here to sit on the fence and pontificate.


@mayoman seriously - get out of there for a while. You are too near the US. Drive across the border into Headford or Enniscrone or Ballaghaderreen. You need to break the cabin fever. You’re rambling … you’ll be singing The Streets of New York next …


Our mayo friend thinks gun ownership is unrelated to the number of gun deaths in the USA. Been scoffing too much chlorinated chicken. :grin:


Ah jaysus that’s weak at best. He is a fcuking nut anyway. But ‘multiple admin sources’??? Sounds like an office orgy …


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