I thought it said 'I’d like to see you try this Trump, you fat cúnt’




Is this it?


What? It? Probably not. Funny how these rumors kick off on twitter tho.


Trump has been shitting himself since the vote tho, not commemorating ww1 vets on Saturday & again today has gone down very badly. Rain is not a great excuse.


Fcukin Rain Man II is right …


Hasnt been a post here starting with “Jesus H Fookin Christ!!!” in, ohhhh, at least a day. Is that also a sign of Muellers team in action?


@GuyIncognito has been renditioned extraordinarily to Guantanamo Bay.


Meuller went quiet in the led up to the elections. wonder when he’s going to wrap up the investigation. I believe he presents his findings to Congress, the only issue is will the GOP do anything no matter how damning. I suspect they’ll just circle the wagons and unleash misinformation via fox and dumb it all down or muddy the waters with bullshit.


Probably, anything possible, hardly worth speculating because the rules and the goalposts have been turned upside down.


Yep and some republicans are so far gone they’d prefer he associated with russia then democrats. thats how divides they are.


Via Shannon.

I heard @GuyIncognito sing the Stars and Stripes once … it was an extraordinary rendition.


At this stage I reckon the republicans will only do in trump if they feel pence has a better chance of winning an election.

Also I wonder if trump feels he can save himself by throwing his son under the bus, would he do it? I kind of think he would.


On he’d chuck him under that bus so fast. Her nibs might be a different story.


Sure the son is only one of the cogs - all is done in the name of the father so can’t see how Rain Man II would do that without bringing himself down.


Pence is like the invisible man…we don’t hear much from him. Bidan was a more influential Vice President and Dick Cheaney was probably the most powerful vice in history for all the wrong reasons.


Oh I’m sure the French would be absolutely devastated at the loss of US wine from their shelves…

PS: Those tarrifs are about 10c a bottle into Europe. It ain’t the reason why people especially the French don’t drink US wine


would think it would be additional tarrifs on the french wine into the US.


US charge more than Europe supposedly. 21c a bottle


be more now when donny rings the changes