We have less people living here than the population of Yorkshire, yet we have a housing crisis par excellence, a two tier health service , chronic traffic congestion ,i could go on .We get the politicians and parties in govt. we deserve ,FF or the blueshirts have been in power since the foundation of the state despite there being no ideological difference between them.USA has the right idea as regards putting people into cabinet who have not been elected but are there for their expertise or experience. What have we got here guys moved around depts with their only qualification is that they are a school teacher or they kissed the party leader’s hole.Its fucking depressing.


The current Presidency shows why in reality that’s a really bad idea.


I agree with the sentiment, I’m just not sure about the solution. Part of the problem is with the perment government and so many vested interests I’m not sure any coopted into government could really change anything. Also it removes any accountability to the electorate meaning the appointee has to be totally loyal to 1 person for their job, which is open to abuse. We don’t have the checks and balances in this country, our judiciary and guards and to close to the political system to hold anyone to account.


Dumb as a rock


Jesus Christ

This is bad even by his extremely low standards


He has no standard it’s what his opponants don’t get and why they can’t lay a glove on him. Stop with the outrage and take him on at his own game


How do you mean?


That’s what he wants people to go down to his pig ignorant level


Trump him.


Use the Joker.


Saw this somewhere else earlier and thought it was a joke





Jesus H Christ.

Who the fcuk SHOULD the medical community consult to form the opinion that people having the ability to put bullets in each other isn’t a good thing? Kermit The Frog?

Morons ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


What was gun situation like when you were living over there ? From a safety point of view?


Oh, I always made sure my safety was on. You can’t be too careful. :wink:


The flood gates will open now :laughing:


Very cocky of you PD



The French Army trolling Trump

Loose translation is

There is rain, but it does not matter We remain motivated