As bad as each other


Tucker is a piece of shit. Sorry. But he is. A bunch of idiots outside his house is not on but it is not as bad as the White House releasing doctored video. Feck sake. Not even in the same league. You used to Expect some kind of standards from the White House.



Meanwhile they have an acting AG in who wants to shut down mueller. Blatant obstruction. And they wonder why people are going mad.


The purpose of some of those with great power and influence is to generate a situation where people are at each other’s throats under the charaded excuse that it is somehow about “left” and “right” ideology. It isn’t, it’s about two gangs taking over the game so that they can play by their rules. Making compromise and negotiation between different beliefs and ideologies more and more impossible.


Brilliant post. I’d simplify it more. The rich and powerful get the rest of us to fight among ourselves.


I’ve used the term “gangs” to describe the republicans and Democrats.


No your a mayoman you’d more than likely miss the target …


Not so c.f. Mr. P. Nally.


Yes how dare the Democrats * checks notes * make sure every vote is counted.

Blaming Hillary as well I see in some quarters. Fùck me she lives in their heads rent free.


How much do you charge them? :relieved:


Inaccurate for such as sharp man! Do you mean, how much does he charge her??


No - them for living in Guy’s head.



yea but a win for trump according to some. :roll_eyes:


F*cking hell…

One of the fatal victims of the shooting in California on Wednesday night had been in Las Vegas and escaped when there was a mass shooting there last year.


jesus wept that’s unlucky.


Thats the argument that kept corrupt FF in govenment in this country for so long when infact its a totaly false equivalence. One example of left overreaction os no comparison to what the extreme right have done in America over the last 3 years.




Wouldn’t be like the far right to blow something out of proportion…