I did. Plenty of Trump pundits on it spouting their rhetoric unchallenged and some still are to a certain extent.


You must be watching it with anti Trump goggles so. Far be it from me to stick up for him, I think he’s a clown. But I was fascinated by this election, judging by how poor both Democrat and Republican candidates were. What struck me most was Fox had a clear anti Hillary agenda. Tucker Carlson and Judge Justice Jeneane were particularly vocal in their Trump propaganda. CNN and MSNBC were just as guilty of the same carry on in a pro Hillary fashion. It was ridiculous stuff.

For what it’s worth I wouldn’t give credence to any of the mainstream media in America. They’re all biased in one sense or another


Being a gobshite politician is obviously in the Irish Genes


Pure coincidence I’m sure…:thinking:

And for a bit more context


Just reading up on Bharara on Wikipedia… he has some record for prosecuting and convicting fraud. No wonder Sessions was told to dump him.


Bahara put a tweet yesterday which a number of journos suggested that he was implying that he was investigating Trump without actually saying it


Look at this nasty piece of work. A Congressman for Iowa


14 million will lose health insurance by 2018. 24 million by 2026. Including many who voted for Trump and who won’t have my sympathy.


How long till someone finds something concrete? Will trumps supporters care?


Doubt they will care. Anything that’s found will be described as “Fake News”. It’s a fucking cult at this stage he can do no wrong as it stands.


It really looks like Trump just shoots from the hip with no forethought whatsoever and then sends out the cavalry to deal with the mess.


It’s an impeachable offence but the Republicans won’t do anything about it. Even that aside still won’t apologise to Obama like he should.


Interesting goings off(as Stan Laurel put it) in The Netherlands, and Austria re-Turkish govt campaigning. Going to be a very turbulent year


What a joker.






Good stuff. Is it possible to make those GIFs any bigger? Is there sound with it?


Did that happen?


nothing too explosive in it. Only part of his tax return and nothing to show his full worth