I own a rifle…you reckon it should be taken off me?


Someone should not be owning a assault rifle that’s designed for the battlefield


brilliant argument. :roll_eyes::joy:

So yea, nothing wrong with gun ownership at all.




Why it’s almost as if it was a political stunt at the behest of Captain Bone Spurs



Yet it’ll keep happening because of the GOP and the NRA


Awful tragedy , RIP.


Plausible very plausible

Really hope we get to see this prick do a perp walk



A prep walk ahead of his perp walk?


Bloody autocorrect :grin:


A prep for the perp!


Meanwhile in looney land…an American talk show today talked about having the young White House aid ARRESTED for attempting to grab the mick from Acosta…my god…the left and right are a bad as each other.


Trying to grab his mick is a serious offence.



What’s actually worth reporting is the following:

But lefties are getting a free ride and I can see how people are voting republican…no matter how much of an idiot trump is.


Hard to have any sympathy for someone like Carlson

I’m not condoning what happend but as always with the far right everything is fair game to them until the tables are turned.



I agree and I don’t like him either but what happened to Carlson’ and his family is worse then poor Acosta who had a mike grabbed off him yet all day long…cnn, CNBC etc…which story are they covering?

All I am pointing out is the extreme left are as crazy as the extreme right.


Acosta had his WH pass revoked and was called an enemy of the people by the President of the United States and they then released a doctored video that implied Acosta stuck the lady when he didn’t all because he had the nerve to ask questions . That is no small or trivial matter. A journalist is going to end up being murdered because of these scumbags. We’ve seen attempts at it already with those viable devices being sent to CNN and others