Melania to be running the country by next year


Another shooting in the States .


11 killed in a bar in California.

Stop the world, I wanna get off


it’s never going to stop unfortunately. GOP refuse to do anything about it.


Thoughts and Prayers etc…


an interesting take on how the election would possibly translate to a presidential election



As is usually the case in the USA, the suspected gunman is NOT an immigrant but someone with mental health issues who had access to guns.
Way to go, Mr Trump and your GRA supporters.


And a former Marine to boot


Some goschitte on fox says the people in the bar should have rushed the gunman … I shit you not.


Your correct and in day to day life the biggest threat to Americans is from within, however just because these gun crimes are committed by Americans, it doesent mean you allow illegal immigration. It’s a whole different point.


But when your President tars every Mexican with the same brush…
tars every Arab Muslim with the same brush…
tars every Persian Muslim with the same brush…


He is a lunatic but it shouldn’t distract from what is really happening and people are smart enough or at least should be smart enough to see that.


We don’t need reminding of how many illegal Irish are in Boston and New York and beyond…
They’re not all doing gun-running and recruitment for the IRA, either… though Trump would probably be happy to have them all gunned down, just to be sure.
And there are an awful lot of people following Trump and the Republican Party, in general, who are NOT smart enough to see that.


It’s a hefty price they pay for the right to bear arms.


He ain’t wrong


News today reports that up to 5,000 E3 visas could be granted to Ireland which would make it a hell of a lot easier for Irish people to live and work in the US for 2 years…great news But tasing some of the comments from fellow Irish people makes me think your right and people are indeed stupid…one Irish girl complained about Ireland getting such a deal “oh I suppose it’s cause we are white” doh


Nothing wrong with the right to bear arms but unregulated control is a spell for disaster. Mentally unstable people and guns will only result in disaster. Canadians have access to guns but don’t go crazy shooting the place up.


… i’d beg to differ on that to be honest. Impossible to have a gun ownership to that degree and keep arms out of the hands of nutters. Not to mention criminials. The homocde rate is through the roof. Not just mass killings like this but general death rate is nuts.


That’s a lot of death