The candidates he rallied for all won, it’s a pity as most were close races. The 2 Florida results are massive for the next ellection


It’s almost as if he’s a fucking idiot :thinking:


Equally massive were the results from the midwest which were not good, not good at all for Donnie.


The close run ones didn’t want him to campaign except Cruz. You are overrating this as a success for the gop. They were hammered in the more representative house vote.


I have no understanding of your thinking on this. He LOST the house. Very few Republican seats were up for grabs. He consolidated his vote with the ‘trailer park’ people and red necks who are a dying breed. Urban people, (i.e. not totally unaware and gullible), women, younger people are voting Democrat. 40% won’t do it for him next time. Or what am I missing?



Only in Trumpland!!!



Way to go!

I wonder does Hof mean House of Fun?


Donald still upset by the press conference earlier


His 8pm “hit”? Things are worse than I thought.


And my point was that it was largely made possible, almost inevitable by what else has gone before. Obama seemed a very good and genuine statesman and scholar. But what was behind him, and the system that he was part of, had long tipped over into rotteness. Trump and Co have just taken advantage of that and taken it to its next stage.


Hammerd not really, they did far better then Obama or Bush in similar elections. The incumbents always get beaten here, trumps popularity seems to have held back the blue wave. Most if the tight races they won he held massive rallies and visited repeatedly, so I’m not sure what you mean.


Look at historical ellections and you will understand what I mean.


he did better but there are also a number of factors to consider notably the economy which was tanking in 2010. I think Trumps margin for error is a lot smaller as he is unlikely to increase his vote share nationally. It only takes a swing of 2/3 states to lose 2020. Florida is interesting the other night in the way it voted but if he loses the midwest and Pennsylvania, I’m not sure holding Florida will be enough,

In terms of the places he rallied, were they not already Republican leaning states and had voted in the main by double digits for Trump?


Your right they were leaning republican but based on trumps obvious flaws they held them. It can’t be a coincidence he keeps winning these tight contests. Republicans will get even more behind him now and the economy is probably the only thing that can bring him down. Ie it wrong to want a recession :thinking:


It would have been fun to watch Trump flail about as a lame duck president if the Republicans had lost the Senate. Presumably the senate election in 2020 has to be more favourable towards Democrats and you might see a lot of split voters. I still don’t think he will get elected but that will be a close event but in the case he is I reckon it will be with a Democrat held House and Senate


Yes I read somewhere it was close to 2 to 1 ratio reps to dems.


Fair point about the incumbent but Trump is presiding over on a boom economy, you don’t lose seats generally in the good times.


It’s looking more and more like House of Cards with every passing month