Last night a Vijay saved my life.


545 members for 1.339 billion would equate to 1.95 TD’s for a population of 4.784 million.
So, that means Danny Healy-Rae and Michael (minus the cap, to get down to 1.95!) :grin::grin:


Fair play @Towers_Abu … I might send my ‘accounts’ over to you!

ps Sorry I don’t take you seriously sometimes but your avatar looks very like @Thehonestumpire’s …


Not dodgy at all


Watching trumps press conference…it it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious…he is telling journalists to shut up and sit down…


You lost the House dipshit. Both races went more or less as predicted +/- a seat or two


He always loses it when asked anything even remotely tricky. effing snowflake as well as everything else.


Look at this little bitch, he’s sweating over his tax returns i’d Say



Enemy of the people. And he wonders why there are attacks by unhinged trump followers on people he declared enemies or helping supposed enemies


Acosta is intolerable


Sessions resigns as AG


Resigns or sacked?


Both according to the media :rofl: Some say resigned others saying fired

Sessions said Trump asked him to resign. In others he fired him but was too scared to do it


Moving to shut down mueller before the dens take the house


Trump reinvigorated taking out a traditional republican. He will have Muller out by the end if the year.


In his liathroidi. Too late now.


Reinvigorated? Seems Pissed/terrified at losing the house. Knows his tax returns will be demanded so he is going to shut down mueller now