Not it’s not good, not good at all. I actually can’t understand how anyone can vote for him.

But they’re a very partisan country. anti-abortion groups just vote GOP and always will. Even with a sexual predator in charge. The gun lads are the same. Not all GOP are racist but all racists are GOP. etc etc

the two party system is a disaster. Actually the more i learn about their system the more messed up it seems. how can some stages have a senator for every 500K people and other states have one senator for every 15million people … it’s nuts.

but in terms of who won last night, this is not a crushing victory for the Republicans, not a crushing defeat either but with an economy going as well as it is, they werent going to be crushed in the senate races they were up for grabs. they were badly bet in the house.


But it’s the numbers @Tayto. It’s not just a disaffected rump. It’s a huge percentage that has seen him enjoy remarkable success at the polls all things considered.


it’s held relatively steady around 40% which is staggering. You’d wonder how that would fare if the economy started to tank but absolutely mental that they can’t see through his bluff and bluster and that deep down he is a liar and a fraud. Even releasing his tax returns and specifying where his wealth derives from and how wealthy he actually is, a large proportion will take his tweets as gospel


If you consider that India’s various states would have significant legislative powers, their requirement for MP’s at federal level should be relatively low.

That said, I think somewhere between 50 and 60 TD’s should be easily enough for Ireland.


Look - don’t be getting all geo-politically knowledgeable on me. What would the maths be? I want to see if I did it right.


There more then anywhere they seem to be able to ignore the man and look at his policies. So 40% of Americans are cool with locking kids in cages. I knew that, perhaps that’s why i’m Not shocked. Still do not see this as a sign he’ll walk the next election but agree It is a sign their society is a mess.


Ultimately about what was expected, the seats up for grabs meant that the senate was never likely to flip. At the end of the day the Dems are stronger today then they were yesterday.

As for why people keep voting republican or for Trump, remember that the media they consume (fox) is telling them that he is doing a great job and that all these investigations are just dirty tricks by the dems without any substance. Each side effectively gets given its own set of facts nowadays.


That is the crux of the issue. Throw in the conspiracy “truth teller” blogs and “alt/real news” sites and there’s a lot of people out there consuming absolute garbage as news.


Fcuk … not taking this tin foil hat off … ever …


The problem with the U S. is that capitalism has worked spectacularly well there. A shit public education system, combined with a totally, criminally biased media and a hugely divided society, leads to lots and lots of stupid, angry people.


Here’s an example, they don’t care what ‘their’ side do


to be fair to him, he didn’t outright call him a monkey, but he did court, or certainly not distance, himself from nazi and white supremacist groups


As Gillum said in the debate “I’m not saying he’s a racist but the racist seem to think he’s a racist”


Governorship of Wisconsin goes to the Dems ousting the incumbent Republican

Dems also ousted an incumbent Senator in Nevada

Also this from a former GOP strategist


According to Google, the populations of Ireland and India in 2017 were 4.784 million and 1.339 billion respectively. Ireland currently has 158 TD’s in the Dáil.
Therefore, if the same ratio applied to India, they would have 44,223 members of Parliament!


Fear to think how many county counselors they’d have


Imagine how many “Healy Raes” they’d have


Excellent. And the other way around given the parliament there has 545 members?


Singh-Patel surely?


Same question… How many Healey-Raes would we have?