Seems like the Republicans are far better at mobilising their voters than the Democrats.


Massive win for trump, no doubt he will be re-elected now. Its incredible he is at 44% approval, with everything he has done and said.


Yes, that’s why they lost so many congressional seats. :yum:


What? After his tax returns have been thrown open…?


A guy can act the knuckle stagger for 2 full years. Insult huge swathes of society. Bully, hector, abuse and lie. And still command huge support.

Not good is it …


That’s nothing at this stage, they have investigated and locked up half his campaign team and it hasn’t had a dent. It is really an amazing result.


I would disagree there. He lost the race in the likes of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota where he won significant and relatively unexpected votes in 2016. He only needs a very small drop in very specific areas of the States to lose the college vote.


But not surprising really either. Trump regime opponents need to be alot smarter than they have been. Or perhaps the relevant point is that the general corruption and decay of the system and the society renders any notions of what used to be known as normality pretty much null and void. Trump has not screwed the USA, the USA has screwed itself.


Which brings us back to Stormy …


I think Trump has made the system unworkable by rendering the truth, null and void. Quite alarming in ways.


I heard an American political commentator on the wireless this morning saying that the United States was no longer a nation divided by traditional North V South (Democrat v Republican) lines but, instead, it was a group of states, each divided along Urban v Rural lines. Traditional Democrat states are now seeing increases in support for Republicans in their rural communities and the opposite being true in traditional Republican states. Ultimately, you feel, this will, in time, help the Democrats as urban populations grow and rural populations dwindle.


Do over 80% of Americans not already live in urban areas?


The truth was always null and void.


Election maps generally seem to bare that out. They are often all red in rural counties with maybe 3/4 blue counties in each state


Ah, FFS… who would I know??? And, sure, then we have suburban areas… :wink:


I’ve been resigned to this for a while now, the Democrats need someone viable to rally behind in order to go on the offensive against this loon, but they are either keeping their heads down until 2024 or just not ready to step up. Those who could haven’t got their house in order yet and meanwhile the orangutan in the White House makes hay. There is a different set of rules now and the Democrats seem too polite to get down and dirty unlike the incumbent.

Interesting piece from Olivia O’Leary from last summer

While I usually don’t agree with her, at least she is one of the few remaining journo’s who put some thought into their work


The issue with the senate is that it is setup where some peoples votes are worth more. Some rural redneck states with a million and a bit population get two senators, and california with 30 million gets 2 senators … that’s the problem right there. joke of a system but them’s the breaks.


Really not sure about this surefire win for trump lads, dont think this was that good a night for him, of course he is saying it was but they lost a huge number of the popular vote. Like they nearly lost texas. Don’t come much more deep red than that. But with the economy going so well, they should have cleaned up in the house and senate.

all the democrats needs is a semi competent candidate and he’s in trouble … whether they manage that is another thing …


Years ago I remember doing a comparison between Ireland and India in terms of proportional representation. I think my findings were that if we had the same PR as India we would have 2 TDs. Some would say that is still too many. If they had the same PR as us they would have had over 34,000 TDs/MPs.

Anyone good at maths like to crunch the numbers again?


Just to repeat …

A guy can act the knuckle stagger for 2 full years. Insult huge swathes of society. Bully, hector, abuse and lie. And still command huge support.

Not good is it …