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I think it’s actually impossible to do. So far anyway.



This old guy :+1:


Not your own anyway. But on that subject, depends how long…you’ve been practicing.


Dems ahead in a Kentucky Congressional seat if they pick this up signals a big night for the Dems probably


I gave up earlier because Rs were ahead on everything but it was on a count of only 1%


Another Nazi told where to go


Lots of this going on apparently


First pick up of the night for the Dems. Virginia Congressional House District 10 flips



Great when a horrible individual loses


Democrats losing 2 senate seats to a Republican party with DJT in The White House? Winning control of the House of Representatives is something to celebrate but losing Senate seats in the current set up should be somewhat alarming for the Democrats.


One was lost in a heavily Trump area. Map this year wasn’t great for Dems to make any gains at all in the Senate

. O’Rourke has built up a significant base for the Dems in Texas. They’ve won a number of house seats in Texas and have set themselves up in a good position for a Senate seat in the next few years


All pretence at honesty is gone.


So that seat was previously won by the Dems before Trump became President. In reality, the Dems should have embellished themselves further, not lost. The contrast between Obama and Trump could not be more stark.


They’ve taken the House which was the No.1 priority. Along with a number Governorship’s such as Kansas they’ve also taken state houses too. Some the losses for the Dems were within the margin of error of the polls.

It was a very good night for the Dems overall. They have huge subpoena powers now and should be providing checks on this administration at long last


Americans seem to define themselves by who they voted for…your either republican or Democrat. The two parties have turned into two gangs as Jesse Ventura put it, only interested in their own self interest and party glorification.

These two parties should be working together for the American people who are their bosses, and not serving big pharma or the military industrial complex…


With the house they can protect mueller & his investigation. They can get trumps tax returns. And can reopen the house investigation into trump Russia. The senate race this time was mainly in very red areas, no one expected dems to win these, even with a general swing.


Beto once fled the scene of a drunk driving crash and only got away with it because his father was a judge…media didn’t exactly focus in on that.


Hey, we now know what Daddyo looks like. Shame he didn’t wear his BK sweats though.