Are they looking for asylum though or what? Then why are they not staying in Mexico. For what many claim that America is a bell hole, many millions wish to move there.


It’s a damn sight better than what they’re living through at the moment


I don’t think anyone says America is a hell hole? But their politics and attitude to guns are a mess. Of course people from poor countries want to move to first world countries, people moan about Ireland but we really we have it easy compared to the poverty & corruption of a lot of African countries.


Really hope that fucker Cruz loses tomorrow night. Spineless fucker. Trump insults his wife and his father and he still kisses his arse


… and he rides a bike.


10 years ago tonight…sigh…


Regarding the Texas Senate race, I am not sure what process the parties follow to put forward candidates but the DNC have some explaining to do here.

Cruz is a vulnerable Senator for reasons mentioned above. But Beto O Rourke is not the candidate to beat him. Texas has to turn purple before it goes blue.


Is he not from texas?


He is but surely a more moderate D would have a better chance of winning.

I am sure he will win now tomorrow and I will look stupid (again)


you could be right, yerman O’rorke seems to be fairly capable but like you say, texas is very red.


Beto O’Rourke … sounds like he’s the offspring of a Brazilian footballer and a priest’s housekeeper …


Fixed that for ya.


I reckon the blue wave will win both houses. Dems will walk lower house and both lose and gain in senate.


it will take a large large error in the polls for them to win the senate but hope it comes to pass.


By all accounts the senate is going to be very tricky because of the seats up for grabs this time - would be amazing if they took it.


fighting to hold onto 26 seats, 10 of which voted for Trump in 2016 does not make it an easy road


Would love to see the Dems take the Senate but don’t see it happening. I’d be happy just to see Cruz lose his seat





Stormy has some really great comebacks at the Trumpers. She’s a very witty and intelligent lady