Once it’s proved. Hopefully.



Ah Jaysus, de poor fella musta had a bangin head of de horrors on him today. Bad pint Ye? Yeehhhh


Or, you could focus on not being a fucking cretin.


Or he could just ■■■■ off all together and hang around more with that bird that has the extra big hoop.


Mary Harney?


You can’t say that Harry. That’s hoopist!


You would need a bigger prick for that hoop.


I won’t be silenced, I’m the Peter Casey of Ma holes.


Fascinating article

Shows old school journalism ain’t quite dead just yet


Trump has his scapegoat if/when they lose the House next week

Because as we all know nothing is ever Donnie’s fault


Jebus. I’ll be getting my own citizenship revoked at this rate. :woozy_face:


What the fùck


Deranged maniac


Hmmmmm what could possibly be the reason for this :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Peter Casey?



Mid terms will be interesting tomorrow. Aside from Trump what do ye make of the “caravan” of people heading for the US border…I don’t think they should be simply allowed to crosss over but hey don’t deserve to be shot at either…if they make a charge for the line then it could spell trouble.


They wouldn’t be simply allowed to cross and they never ever have been. It’s nothing but pure racist rhetoric from the GOP.

The vast majority of “illegals” in the US are those who flew into the US and are overstaying on Visas.



There is far more of a threat from angry middle aged white Americans than anybody presenting themselves at the border.

As far as tomorrow is concerned it seems to be fairly straightforward.
Dems will take the house and Reps will retain control of the Senate.

Dems will make the mistake of electing Pelosi speaker of the house.