Nobody plays the victim better than a bully


Howya, Confucius.


Fucking hell


Story? Grasshopper.


It’s grasshopper, you plick!


This guy makes trump look sane and rational , brazil remember is the 4th biggest economy in the world.
Who is Jair Bolsonaro? Brazil’s far-right president in his own words


wow. what a c**t.


More journalists are going to be murdered because of this hateful ignorant piece of shit

We’ve see it already in Annapolis. My fear is it’s only a matter of time before it’s someone high profile


I’m amazed that there hasn’t been a grassy knoll moment. He is a threat to the very functioning of society over there, not to mention the environment and world peace.


Me too. And what’s even worse, is that I’d be delighted if there was one. Even the usual ‘yeah, but he was still someone’s husband and father’ element wouldn’t even remotely factor into my thoughts. It’s gotten that bad.


I don’t think his missus would shed a tear!


Is she capable of it? Unless she’s not a mannequin as many people suggest!!!


Thank goodness those guys never insinuate that all Muslims are terrorists and tried to implement a specific Muslim ban


Something that came to mind on that abominable attack on the Synagogue in Pittsburgh…

If this attack had taken place in London or Paris and had been carried out by a Muslim you can be certain that Trump would have attacked Islam and labelled the country attacked as being weak in tackling terrorism.

If the attack had been carried out by a Palestinian on a Synagogue in Israel, there is no way Trump would label Israel weak. The contradiction between Trump’s views on the State of Israel and on the Jewish community within the USA is startling.


He arms the former. Not the latter.


The Funerals are today and he’s insisting on visiting Pittsburgh despite being told to fùck off and that he’s not wanted

Amazing that McConnell and Ryan can actually see the bad optics in this for once


I think they see the bad optics most of the time but push it as far as they can before having to say no, when there is no other option. Both are self-serving cowards.


Better luck next time asshats providing you’re not in a Federal penitentiary


Amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wohl is that little fucker who keeps kissing Trumps ass on twitter. Hope he likes prison food


Genius …