The guy is so unfit for Office … pathetic is the correct word. An embarrassment to the USA.


It’s brilliant. He perfectly captures the dumbed down narcissistic zeitgeist of the modern age.


A Congressman for California writes.


Yep - if he was yer teenage son, you’d give him a schlap.


Looks like Donnies about to find out the FBI aren’t his plaything


You couldnt make this up


The Dam with Republicans is surely going to have to break sometime soon (Despite all that’s come out already). I seriously can’t see him still being in the White House on the 4th July


the way they pissed themselves when he managed to stay on script last week was hilarious.


Ben Carson Housing and Urban Development Secretary (Who is African American)

Samuel L Jackson responds and I think speaks for any sane person


This dickhead was a brain surgeon

Humanity is fooked.


Neo Nazi Prick in not having a brain shocker


Great post. Id digress it’s the left that are solely responsible. Liberialism itself is in crises and that incorporates the middle ground. The intellectual argument has been won and in the public sphere old world ideas are now openly mocked, references for example by so called new atheists and secularists re homophobia, abortion, racism, and traditional values are sound from a rational basis but the effect appears to have been counterproductive.

On one side we appear to have an egalitarian public sphere that on the outside looks great but privately others feel ridiculed and go to the ballot box in hoards resulting in President Trump.


While there’s definitely an element of the above, I’m not so sure it is as profound a shift in opinion as that.

The election was between the two least popular candidates ever. If it had been obama v trump it’d have been a landslide win for liberals and everyone would be saying the opposite. Trump fell over the line against a candidate who the american tabloids (Fox, Breitbart) have been slagging off for decades, she was a deeply unpopular but she still got 3 million more votes than trump.

Brexit is more of the same - the british tabloids have slagged off the EU for generations and while there is undoubtedly a reaction to immigration, the UK allows as many non-EU immigrants as it gets EU ones, so they could easily control immigration if they wanted to but no one bothered to make that case. Besides we’ve all seen the brexit voters on vox pops saying the voted brexit to keep out the muslims.


I think they represent a fraction of those who voted for Brexit, in fairness.
The Tories are (gleefully) implementing austerity measures, cut backs in education, social care (local authorities are being told they can increase council tax to increase their own spending on social care), social housing, not to mention the NHS. Whether you are pro or anti Brexit, increased immigration - be it from within the EU of from outside - is causing a greater strain on public services in general. This is playing into the hands of UKIP, especially in traditional Labour heartlands.


UKIP’s performance in the recent By-Election in Stoke would suggest otherwise. Stoke was one of the highest leave votes in the referendum and they still couldn’t oust Labour. UKIP are a one trick pony and ironically the one thing the campagined on in a huge way is the thing that’s likely to kill them off IMO


I think UKIP will be around for a few years yet. Not forever - but a few years yet.


In fairness the vast majority of the media in America were openly pro Hillary. CNN, MSNBC and you’d have to admit that their coverage was biased and they attempted a hatched job on Trump although he seemed to want to do a hatchet job on himself at times.

I think most people today are clued into what the mainstream media is like and more and more people of my age group, late 20s, early 30s are abandoning it.

Trump was a nuclear option for a lot of people who voted for him but whose fault is that? Politicians have been skirting around issues that affect a lot of people for a very long time now. If Trump is resonating with them and the likes of the Democrats are not, that tells you where they are going wrong.

It’s very easy for us to judge people’s attitudes in America and Britain towards immigration because we don’t have anywhere near the levels of immigration they have from non European countries. Whether people want to admit it or not, certain areas I’m European countries with large immigrant populations are experiencing some serious problems. It’s not racism if somebody points that out or says hold on a second here, let’s rethink this. You’ll always have the real racists lurking in the background with these shifts in perception but nobody can say that the majority of people who voted for Trump or Brexit are out burning crosses in their spare time.


They did in their hole do a hatchet job on Trump. All these concerns about Russia were known last year. They also had plenty of Trump pundits spouting clear bollox and didn’t challenge them like they are doing now on both issues.


You obviously didn’t watch a whole pile of CNN coverage in the lead up to the election so. Could that with stuff like Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmell etc it’s clear there was a bias towards to Hillary.