Ah yea so armed guards in schools and places of worship. I mean that makes total sense. :roll_eyes:


Trump much more in favour with the State of Israel than with the religion of Judaism.


Two small columns in the Wicklow People hardly qualifies as mainstream media. The RTE news stories on it, the endless impassioned articles in the Irish Times about it, the debates on Pat Kenny about it, the Facebook campaigns, the Twitterati pronouncements on it, the widely reported comments from Mary Lou giving out about it…they would all be where exactly?

The situation in Palestine is never out of the media & is debated here constantly, including the appropriateness of bringing flags & banners onto the Hill over the summer. It is a news story that every single person here is aware of. Sudan on the other hand…

So tell me again, which story has benefited from mainstream media coverage and which one hasn’t?


Seems the victims were attending a Bris which is the Jewish equivalent of a christening


The most horrific stuff is kept out of the media. The strategy is just as you described it. Make people feel that they have heard the full story and hide the rest of it. AIPAC etc spend fortunes to keep stuff quiet. The Jewish State is trying to make BDS illegal and is suing people who refuse to perform in Israel.


Yes Donnie thank goodness you didn’t give a speech yesterday during which you uttered a notorious anti Semitic dog whistle “Globalists” and someone shouted out “Soros”


The bed of heaven to their poor souls. Trump’s comment was that that they should have had guns inside the mosque too! What a clown. He has spread so much hate, so fast, he may as well have pulled the trigger. The U.S. electorate need to do the right thing at the ballot box. Their country is falling apart.


Apparently yerman believed the crazy conspiracy theory (pushed by republicans on fox and elsewhere) that Jews were organizing this caravan in Central America that is heading for America.


This stuff here, this is rotting USA from the core


A caravan??


Jesus Tayto that is literally insane. If Waterford Whispers News was broadcast in the States, they’d believe it!


Loads of poor people headed for the southern U.S. border Rochey.


From the North or the South??


Good one! From the south, more accursed illegals.


The shooter yesterday posted this exact conspiracy on his social media before he went on the rampage. feckin place is a mess.

Fox news blurred the pro-trump stickers on the bombers van. seriously. They blurred the stickers. think about that for a minute.


We may be relatively lucky with the press we have here!


Far from perfect but streets ahead of that reckless rubish.


The Indo is going that way, becoming a proper little Daily Mail. At least the redtops, especially the UK versions, don’t take themselves too seriously at times - albeit a lot of their readers do.


The UK tabloids played their part in brexit. repeat lies often enough and people believe them. apparently still a shocking number of people believe the NHS lie on boris’s bus.

The decline of the indo is really quite sad.


Always the fucking victim