See the saudis killing that journalist in their embassy in turkey … clucking bells.


Maybe America isn’t so great again, Don.



He couldn’t give a flying f**k


How much are they spending?


Lots. So murder away boys!


Sure that’s grand so, fire away


Well, I’ll say one thing in his favour - if he has said that, at least he is being honest. The Saudis, no doubt, are buying arms and military equipment from the US, the French and the British and these governments are perfectly happy to take Saudi riyals, and lots of them, despite it being one of the world’s worst and oppressive autocracies.


BUt even so, luring a journalist into an embassy and murdering him is just unreal, he was settled in the USA and worked for Thebes Washington post. If he was white & worked for fox Donald would care more.


I agree - it’s disgusting, depraved. It doesn’t belong in any democratic society. Democracy can be done away with, however, when it suits the Russians, the US, the UK, et al.
I’d imagine one of the biggest trade wars that currently exists is which country (among Russia, China, the USA, the UK and the French) can sell the most arms to the Saudis, the Iranians, the Israelis, the Syrians, the Iraqis…


RTE main news featuring Trump meeting Kanye fcuking West!! Who gives a bollow?!?! Cringing stuff. America is well and truly fucked.


Well he will only be there until 2024 at the worst. The poor Russian people are meanwhile living under dictator Putin


Wouldn’t be so sure given the shite the GOP are up to suppressing votes in various states. It’s why it’s important the Dems flip the house and win as many Senate seats as possible. I’m not being hyperbolic about it either


Can he nkt only do terms?


Officially yes but given their scant regard to the law so far I wouldn’t rule anything out with these fuckers


Genuinely would not be surprised if he moved to stay longer. Fox News would back him and take the base and gop along with them.


farage at it again