Sycophants will do anything if it they think it’ll get them anywhere


He has a lot of female connections

Miserable bollix


Hopefully the gop get hammered in November and this geebag has manners put on him. If not America is really screwed.


Looking very likely that they will hold the Senate but lose the House.


Something is definitely up then


Why so Maxi?


Polls being showing that for the last while. Democrats facing a brutal Senate re-election map where several of their current senators are up for re-election in Red states while not too many republicans are for re-election in Blue states.

Different situation in the House where theres a wider range of re-elections


Thanks for that. I’d be amazed if some Senate seats aren’t lost but it may balance out I suppose!


Dems even ahead in texas apparently.


Can see them picking up a couple of Senate seats but probably not enough to flip the Senate. Hope that sniviling prick Cruz loses his seat. Which reminds me this is brilliant. Made by Richard Linklater


This would suggest that there is a lot to play for, yet.


Is the senate not split 49-51?


Yes, as far as I know. They will need to take two seats, though, as Pence has casting vote in any 50-50 tie.


Yep but it’s all to with where the seats are up. Dems are defending a few seats in Trump/Red states. Not many up for grabs in so called purple states


Get you, bizarre system


Would that be a 50 Pence vote?

…I’ll get me coat…


Is it always a governing party member has that vote?


Yeah the VP is the President of the Senate.


Always the Vice President I think.


So it’s pointless.