Not much of a secret, so.


How to ruin @GuyIncognito ‘s Friday …


Not a chance either of them gets it :grin:


I think it was Michael Moore who exposed it about a year later. I guess some secrets are harder to keep then others. Rats everywhere :rat::grin:


I think there’s alot about America that was taken as gospel over the years that we now now was far from it. The Taliban became a reason when it suited America. As did the Mujahadeen for the Russians.


Were they the known unknowns?


Talks about talks… :no_mouth::shushing_face:




Because he was a Nazi? Is that the point of this tweet? That’s really stretching it!


Ah it’s tounge in cheek more than anything else. The outfits are oddly similar in fairness and in particular the type of location too. If she’d worn it Washington I doubt people would have made the comparison


I should stress, I think her man is the biggest b@stard of all time. A complete egotist, sexist and racist cu#t.

I just think some of the stuff on twitter is obsessive and picking feathers to beat him with. Not that I’m against it, but please make it believable!!!


Where’s the beating of him with this though ? Again as I said it’s just a combination of things that have people a making the joke. If she’d be in Washington it wouldn’t have been made. Merely about the context of it IMO.


Another one bites the dust

Nikki Hayley resigns as UN Ambassador


Ivanka back to NYC with a new job?


I cant believe I just typed that in all seriousness.


I don’t know how any woman could represent him on any level, to be honest.


Did you mean that?


Nikki resigned on medical grounds.


Jesus Christ

Think you’ll find it’s the complete opposite Nikki and his appearance at the UN is proof of this