What an absolute bollox this Neantherdal is. FFS someone has to put an end to this for the sake of humanity


Every week he finds a new low.


It’s fitting that he was elected. This is where advertising, marketing, neoliberalism, hawish-thinking, ‘media-platforms’ , greed and ‘the American dream’ has brought the world. A sociopathic, sex-abusing satsuma who inherited much money and bullied/blagged his way to more, has fooled the Yankees. They deserve him in the U.S… They need this lesson. Voting in Dubya twice taught them nothing. Now they voted for this vile ■■■■■■■. Let them cope with the shame.


I’d take dubya any day over this ■■■■. A vile gas bag of a man. Disgusting.


The deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis not a bigger crime then no.


Yeah i can’t argue with that but lets just just see does the orangutan go quitely into the night first without causing some sort of war before we can finalise which one was the biggest c_nt.


My brain is not able to comprehend what would happen if 9/11 took place on Trump’s watch.


Or cuban missile crisis or any major crisis. But you could bet his version of goebbles Hukabee would defend with the straightest of faces.



Mystery solved.You can now see where Donald got his hair.


Fair enough question… who wore it better?


I don’t see the store name on either of them?? :thinking:



I think the world was lucky Kennedy was in the White House during the Cuban crisis , holding firm back channeling while his military chiefs pushed for all our war…

As for 9/11…Bush invades Afghanistan which nobody questioned the but then blindly undone all the good will towards America at the time by invading Iraq on false intelligence. We are still feeling the effects of 9/11 in everyday life.


#metoo might have seen off JFK by this stage.


Not true. Lots of people questioned the invasion of Afghanistan. This was purely done for reasons relating to an oil pipeline. 17 of the bombers were from Saudi. 2 from Yemen. None from Afghanistan. Osama could well have been in Pakistan or wherever.


The taliban were given safe haven there though.
The Saudi connection is disturbing though and many we’re flown out of the US in secret in the days that followed 9/11


How do you know?


Research. US government records show that agents gave personal airport escorts to two prominent Saudi families who fled the US, while several other Saudis were allowed to leave the country without first being interviewed.


The Bin Laden family was on a flight from America home to Saudi Arabia on September 12th 2001. Meanwhile all other aircraft were grounded.