i give up on america. the GOP and kavanagh’s performances yesterday were utterly pathetic. They are going to ram this guy through when he is blatantly not suitable. Not saying he is guilty but it’s obvious this needs to be investigated. Lindsey Graham was like a little bitch.

I don’t know how they get back to functional politics instead of this ridiculous partisanship.


No it didn’t you old goat. The amount of politicians in the US over the age of 80 is astonishing


Says it all, really.


Banana republic


It’s a soap opera south park style. Everything is happening except running the country. George Bush was more presidential than Trump and that’s saying something


Good point.






The feds are going to look into this, surprisingly.


Yeah, “investigation” to be concluded inside of a week.


But but but President Deals said it was all done and dusted :thinking:


Claiming he’s innocent yet trying to limit the scope of the investigation.


No surprise there


even By his own low standards trump was unhinged in that press conference last week, now he says this

“He wrote me beautiful letters,” Trump said of Kim Saturday during a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia. “And they’re great letters. We fell in love.”

Reacting badly to medication or just losing his tenuous grasp on reality?


Heard part of that press conference this morning and I thought he was on a complete wind up


Cadet Bone Spurs is in no position to be calling out others on Vietnam


This fooker is guilty as sin

Witness tampering

And more …


Explainer for anyone not paying attention

It’s illegal to lie under oath.