Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaarrrr


Ok thank you, I’ve finally figured out where I knew yer man who just won the Best Supporting Oxther from !


This is just disturbing


What the what now?


Looks like that chap Anders Brevik - very disturbing


Be some craic if the weapon was loaded and he accidentally discharged killing himself from a ricochet off the ceiling.

What a gobshite


Schumer replys within half an hour



Jesus trump is one thick b**+++d


Hoo Boy. This from a US Senator from Delaware


Like a piss take or something


The picture of schumer appeared on right wing websites and half an hour later trump tweets it. It’s the usual pattern and how he seemingly gets his info such as his allegations about Sweden


Fucking fruitcake. It’s absolutely getting to him though. He’s shitting himself at the prospect of Prison if/when it comes crashing down


This really can’t go on … how the hell did they elect him?


stupid people think he’s intelligent. There’s a lot of stupid people out there.


Nearly as many as is in here … :joy:


“Tapp” :joy:


One he tweeted earlier had hear by followed by a corrected hearby before the third time lucky hereby … the man needs clinical assessment.


Getting trolled by the dictionary people


It’s more serious than that … :flushed: