If Kavanaugh fails He’ll probably appoint himself to the Supreme Court and then it would be a tremendous Supreme Court, the best Supreme Court in history.


Trump’s despicable, but it is worth remembering that the Democrats are terrible.


They’re all idiots


They’re all owned and funded by AIPAC. And always have been. On both sides.


Those poor kids.


Cannot hear it.


This man is not well


A third woman making (more serious) allegations against Kavanaugh, apparently.


Mark judge’s (the other guy who was present) ex is willing to talk to the FBI about what he told her about parties at the time and what they used to do and another 4th allegation coming out as well.


Once again

*    Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk   *


Some of the stuff around this today is worse than appalling. America in deep shit.


I’m giving up following it, it’s all too depressing. Gop would literally defend anything to get their way.


Unless there is a wave of democratic wins in November they’re sunk.


What if the pigs are wrong!


Is beyond embarrassing at this stage. I actually cringe when I hear him talk. The only positive so far is he has not started a war. Economy is good but the outside world is viewing America as a mockery now.


Is the econ really any good though? Is it any good for most ordinary people?


Nothing has changed. The biggest issues (wage stagnation and regenerating rural America) have not been addressed.

The economy is good for you if you can afford to invest in the stock exchange or benefit from the tax cut which was designed for the 1%.


Slightly…unemployment is lower. I travel to the US a good bit and businesses are seeing an upturn…bit like here. How much that is down to Trump if anything is very debatable.


Jesus Christ…