The clever thing Is they’re pushing all the buttons, targeting the left & the right separately and the center and fermenting agro between the different groups to generate chaos. Look at the libtard vs MAGA debates on twitter, They despise each other. To the point where you have republicans wearing tees with “i’d Rather be a Russian then a democrat” moniker. Or the general “I feel sorry for conservatives, they’re so stupid” tone of tweets. You now have GOP senators excusing Kananaugh for attempting rape because ah sher every did that back then - and you know if it was a democrat they would have an entirely different opinion.

Also going after the floating voter, saw one ad they used in brexit which was targeted at center leftie people, saying the eu’s agricultural policies make it harder for African farmers to make a living. Reasonably subtle content and might just ping something in someone. Then you have trolls on the guardian (for example) repeating the same lies again and again, it’s a persuasive tactic imho. Maybe not for people who have a strong opinion but for people who don’t really follow politics closely. Something small could sway them almost without them knowing it.


Whaaa? That’s just neanderthal. I agree some Soc media use is a complete waste, even a scourge at times but things like WhatsApp, which is little different to text messaging, are wonderful facilities


Whats app is social messaging, not social media grandad! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wankers the lot of em.



TEchnically this site is social media. :eyes:


I’ve been saying that for yonks, but no one is listening to me. Perhaps 875 out of 900 Ressers having me on Ignore has something to do wiv it?:thinking:


I heard too many horror stories from it. Stuff I wouldn’t want to post about here. Its an unregulated minefield and its only going to get worse. All of these platforms are great in principal, but the owners craving to monetize them means that they accept zero responsibility for the harm they cause


Don’t blame the messenger…


Guns do not kill people, people kill people…


Fixed that missing letter there … :+1:


Yeah, especially these 2 wankers. 32 & 34 the pair of them.

Mere babies, but worth more than you, me and all of Big Aido’s hair gel contracts combined.

That is A LOT of ka-ching. :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


As expected

No Donnie they were laughing at you because you’re a fucking idiot


When you called him Donnie, it reminded me of:


What the fùck

If it wasn’t for the fact Cosby is black. Donnie would be out defending him.


Can we do that?


And there we have it. He’s come up with this so he can claim any Democratic wins are illegitimate


have any of the security services backed him on on that? i mean he was pretty much forced to admit russia were meddling in the last elections and as soon as he did he started throwing shade at china again.


In a post fact era you don’t need things like Security Services advise. The truth is what your told it is.


Should go well…


I’d say yerman Kavanaugh is thinking yer grand thanks.