Ah Jaysus she’s fierce cute.



“And then there was this one time at band camp…”




That’s too small for an American’s gob.


It has the all important glory hole though. I’m told that’s very important. I wouldn’t know. :wink:


I don’t know what a glory hole is…


Ask the lads in the Confession Box then so.


The pub? Or like actually visit a priest? Either way, I’m not sure I’d like the answer!


Yeah, you’re grand, just the way you are…pure and unsullied. :roll_eyes:


Unsullied?? Jeysus.


I genuinely think in the not too distant future these (dark ads & troll farms spamming social media) tactics will be proven to be incredibly effective. the sooner political ads are banned on all social platforms the better IMHO.


The sooner anti-social media (bookface/twitter/instashame/shitsapp) is ended the better. The world is a worse place for its existence, its the rectum of the internet


i agree, it is a pox, but unfortunately not going to happen. Ads will either need to be self-regulated (like they did here during abortion ref) or regulation imposed on them. FG won’t do it. The Tories in the UK won’t. but I would not be surprised if the EU did.


I agree, the EU is the only chance of any form of restraint being put on them



Then he said “So True” and they laughed more. :grinning:


Not gonna happen.

Social media is how a large portion of the planet chooses to communicate, share information & get it’s news. (Especially for the under 35 demographic, which is only only going to get bigger.)

The genie is well & truly out of the bottle & there is no putting it back in. You may as well be giving out about the invention of electricity or the television or rock and roll. There is no going back now.

Regulation may be the obvious answer to keeping it in check, but ways around that will be found. Ban an ad for Candidate A, or referendum choice B and instead you’ll see ‘news’ stories appearing about Candidate A being a dodgy crook, or someone having their life ruined by the goals of referendum choice B. The waters will just get murkier and murkier. Rinse and repeat…


That’s the problem and they’re already doing that with spudnik and russian today websites, creating and disseminating genuinely fake news and it gets shared all over the place by other crappy blogs like napperT reads. They’re all over comment sections and social media commenting and creating division. it’s a massive misinformation campaign and it’s hard to know how to stop it. The found recently that russian trolls are all over the anti vax movement helping to promote it, anything t sow division and conspiracy dressed up as the “truth”


Or you could just pull a Donald and discredit “the fake news” to such an extreme degree, non stop, that people stop looking on formerly credible news sources or news organisations as believable anymore. No matter what bullet proof evidence you have that the sky is blue and the sun is hot, if it’s on the the fake news, you won’t be believed, no matter what you say. There is a certain element of voter that is that easily swayed. And it’s easy to dismiss them as a minority of gullible, crack pots, but that minority was big enough to get Trump elected.