Well goldstone set up the meeting, no obvious reason why he would contradict trump now other then he knows others have spilled the beans to meuller (manafort & Cohen)


The reason trump has not been charged or subpoenaed is because the POTUS is virtually untouchable if his party have control of the house. No other reason.


Rosenstein resigning as deputy AG in anticipation of being fired.

Great job New York Times you utter fucking dipshits.


Then again…

Force the motherfucker into pulling the trigger


Feck. I didn’t think he’d actually do it. This is bad.


If the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are proven, will ANYONE do ANYTHING in relation to removing Trump for his lack of judgement?


Not till the Dems get control of the hill


Less than two months away, potentially?


Nov 06. They aren’t likely to swing it enough to impeach him though.

This is a major problem, he’ll now stick in a patsy as AAG and will effectively shut down the Mueller investigation.

If he gets away with this America is goosed.


Only if Rosenstein resigns. Goes to a line of succession in the event of a firing


Ah i see, so they’ll try to force him to resign. But he said he wont go without being fired.

Is there any other democracy where the president can shut down an investigation into himself? Can ignore a subpoena and refuse to be questioned? Land of the free me hole.


This from last month


** Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk **


So they’re now saying RR is safe till thursday, the day of the sexual assault hearing against his supreme court nomination. what an absolute clusterf**k this whole thing is. now 4 women accusing the judge. Including one taking advise from stormy daniels lawyer. she seems to accuse him of using rape drugs at parties.


Kelly Anne Conway. Jesus wept. Where did they get her?


Trump addressing the UN General Assembly tomorrow. Gonna be one hell of a shitshow


Whaddya fink of this Guy …


How come the powers that be Clones & Ballybofey can never dig up someone that good?


It’s ever since the eh … thing …eh … with the marching band …


When Rufus’s mob bate up the trombone player?

Shure the anthem singers - and I use the term very loosely - been shyte long before that.