yep. just paid everyone off so far and still getting away with it.


Ok, I missed that. Thanks for clearing it up for me.


His brain is broken


What brain?


Answer: The victim was Hispanic and the perpetrator is white so it doesn’t matter to them


Ah Christ - she was a young Spanish girl on a golf scholarship. Cut the bullshit.


Bollix if she was an White American and yer man was Hispanic Trump and Fox would be screeching about it. They don’t give a fùck about violence. Unless it allows to whip up anti immigration rhetoric


You are comparing chalk and cheese. There is plenty of revulsion about the Celia murder. You constantly post this kind of rhetoric that is just as bad as the other side… my dad is bigger that yours. What do you want - everything rated on ‘democrats horrified levels’? A real race to the bottom.


Where did I say there wasn’t ?

It’s undeniable that the right in America treat their reaction to a lot of crimes on the basis of colour of the victims and the perpetrators. That’s no race to the bottom.


So you’re just complaining that Trump and Fox aren’t up in arms about it?

We all get that Trump is an odious human being. His behaviour and utterances are abhorrent. We know that.

But there is a whole social media circus around misconstruing, misinterpreting, deliberately misreading and just downright lying about Trump every hour of the day .,. Usually accompanied by faux outrage. It’s all a pain in the hole tbh. The race to the bottom is the fake news … on both sides.

We get it - we know.



Such as ?

PS. There’s no obligation for you to read or post on the thread if you find it a pain in the hole.:slightly_smiling_face:


Every time you come on the thread it’s just some tweet from a totally anti Trump tweeter spouting something that is often their own very clouded opinion or simply untrue.

I merely seek the truth.


Such as ?


The last one you posted just now. I find that completely untrue.


How so ? The right were all over the first murder. The one this week doesn’t seem to have concerned them as much.


Who are the right? Where were the left on it this week? Last week?

Also the Grassley scheduling story has been emphatically denied … same source as Celia tweet mind you. Quelle surprise!


THis is the guy who’ve arranged the infamous meeting. So it would seem the trumps are caught lying again. Surprise surprise.


A dirty offer??? WTF :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Gas …




All these credible sources. No wonder Trump’s in jail.