A lot in that question huh. The aims of the Eu change as leaders change. Some want a more federal Europe, others want less.

Do you trust the long term goals of putin? Trump? You defend trump on here, you must trust him?


They were always to some extent dictated by a certain strategic dependence on the US. That became gradually weaker as the US economic clout did so. However, banking/business globally remains the main driver, and the locus of control has shifted to where the balance of power is shifting, inevitably East.

The EU is an entity within the global balance that has great power but not as much as some other entities. So in that sense, “trusting their motives” etc is really just talking about where their relationships and strategic needs within the global balance lie/shift. And the EU’s dependence on the global economic ‘system’, such as it is. With ageing population, lack of potential for further expansion, (and lack of natural resources in comparison to other regions, and weakening control over resources), plus what was, previously at least, in some of its major nations, a socio-political system(s) that could not continue under the weight of pressure to adjust that was inevitably and obviously applied directly by the US, and indirectly by the major Asian economic powerhouses.

Id say you could scratch the surface of EU policy going back say twenty years and see how interactions with the US and shifts in the global balance and the EU’s position within it/impact from it have resulted in change, which was the result of an overall decision to try to compete, and survive as US influence and dependence came home to roost.

I can remember about 15-20 years ago the seemingly innocuous outbursts by the US against France, and Germany, and the increasing shift of the UK towards interdependence with the US, the greatest example being Blair with Bush in Iraq.
To a large extent I think France and Germany had a belief in shifting Europe away from America with a clear eye to the global shifting, and the US of course resisted.
What we’ve seen in the last few years has been the outcome so far, with the EU having both compromised, sold itself out, and been very undermined. Brexit is a clear outcome of policies and decisions 20 years ago and since to me.
Russia btw of course are just another (still quite powerful/influential) entity with complex interrelations globally. They have of course exerted interesting influence in Europe. I’d love to read an objective study of what’s happened since the early 90s


I don’t like Trump and I haven’t defeneded him but rather play devils advocate.


Russia have their military and Of course nukes but in terms of economy it’s relatively small…a tenth the size of the US. Put in seems to have many cheerleaders in Ireland which is funny.

Maybe if he concentrated on the Russian economy rather than war games, the Russian people would be in a better place.



Hardly cheerleaders? Everyone knows what Putin is.
By your own criteria Putin & Co are playing their strategic games precisely to gain power and influence.



There’s no way he doesn’t abuse this at all


I am thoroughly disgusted by his ignorance of even the most basic of social graces. Who on earth cheers and gets the crowd ‘fired up’ for a memorial service? I have, however, been enjoying the memes that have come from this photo…dozens of them!




I don’t get it. Wouldn’t trump just pardon him again if further charges were brought?


State Charges can’t be pardoned by the President. i.e. If New York state charge him and convict him the only person who has the power to pardon him is the Governor of New York


Right, but does Muller’s team have license to investigate state level crimes? I thought they were just looking at Federal stuff.


They can pass on crimes on to them that wouldn’t necessarily be within their remit as they’ve done on more than one occasion so far


What a buch of sick fucks


This really is outrageous stuff…

The man clearly believes he is above the law and beyond reproach.


HE called the FBI a cancer earlier. Increasingly unhinged attempts to attack the investigation, taken manafort’s flipping very badly. As he should. The car crash of a judicial nomination continues.


Well he has been thus far … all his life …