Notorious by reputation but in reality they have been shown to be on a par with Italy, Portugal and less the Spain.


Some of the points made on these threads are positively Ewanesque …


Don’t remember saying the Greeks were lazy? Did someone else?

But tax dodging was a National past time, and their ex civil service pension system was nuts.

Basically every government would change a huge number of civil servants and they were all entitled to full pension, meaning a whole new set of civil service pensions every 4 years.


That’s not exactly strengthening your case. :yum:


Ha, true, just find it funny that the Eu gets it in the neck for making them sort out their finances before bailing them out, again. What bastards they should just give them free money no strings attached.


isnt 2013 after all the reforms brought in by the EU and IMF, though?

not that these reforms were anything other than vultures dictating what picks they wanted from the greeks, leaving them with massive unemployment and poverty in their wake.


They forced tgem to pay unsustainable debts, in any other insolvency situation there is a write down of dept. The EU by refusing to allow this put investors intrests ahead or the people’s.

In the irish case it was arguably worse with the bank debt but that goes back to the idiotic FF bank guarantee.


And enforced privatisation as part of the ‘bailout’.

This is precisely why Labour in the UK distrust Europe.


Because you do or don’t agree with them?


Have to say, my gut feeling about the bigger picture on Greece and Ireland is that global banking/business has tightened their screws. The power increasingly drawn to the tiny elite. This is not a conspiracy theory, just the natural order with the inevitable ‘progress’ of capitalism.


dont forget it was national hero barack obama and his Treasury Secretary who vetoed the burning of the bondholders. as they say there are no friends between states, only interests.


Vetoed? how did they they have a vote.

The IMF have burned bondholders in countless occasion, the issue with Ireland was the Bank Guarantee being so wide and the ECB insisting Ireland take the hit to prevent contagion.


Which meant that Ireland had huge power but no balls.


Oh is this bad for Donnie ? :grin:



yea yea and the russian in salisbury were a couple of gay lads on holiday to see the famous church steeple. they just happened to leave hours after the poisoning because of the snow, the 3 foot of snow in moscow at the time was much, eh, warmer.



Wasn’t manafort the coffee guy? The president barely knew him, he never liked him anyway. Nah nah nah.


Does anyone really trust the long term plans of the EU ?


Fógra: I was totally wrong. The Russkies did the poisoning in Salisbury. It was the fact that they used Novichok that threw me off the scent! Anyway, apologies to all and sundry who were right! (Putting on coat…)