He is repugnant.


There was a deal done and he was forced to walk.


He got his chance and he couldn’t hack it. The perfect example of a hurler on the ditch.


That is simply not true. He was pushed.


Which was having his chance and failing. He wasn’t liked by other Eurozone members but they didn’t sack him. He got into power and then couldn’t implement his plan, so he walked.


He has zero credibility.


He was not liked as he had the balls to tell the truth. The EU big wigs insisted that he step down…which is not the same as walking away…at all.


We are paying 64 billion worth of bank debt that should never have been paid. We were forced into this. FF, FG and Labour took the soup. Who has credibility so?


Zero credibility for doing what he said he would when elllected. the EU had him removed or they wouldn’t discuss a deal. One of the most anti democratic acts in Western Europe since Franco.




Oh I dunno, always felt like he was a student union rep who accidentally got promoted to finance minister. Right on leftie populism where no one pays for anything.


Right back at ya! :wink:


Back on topic, it looks like manafort has done a deal with meuller.


What? He bought his 2014 Cadillac off him for $38,000?


They really didn’t. Even he has backtracked on that claim (and that is all that ever was, his own personal claim). Oh, they certainly disliked him, but they couldn’t sack him.


Yeah like enda. Yes boss. Pat me head boss. Thanks boss.


Please stick up a link to where he backtracked. I believe they most certainly refused to work with him and as they had Greece by the throat, he had to walk. He spoke out in a way that was unprecedented and was no coward, whether you agreed with him or not.


Greece by the throat? Did you expect Eu tax payers to just chuck euro after euro into the batshit crazy Greek pension system? Into a country which at the time had the lowest percentage of taxpayers in Europe? Damn right the should make them sort their shit out in return for billions and billions of euro. Never should have been allowed in the Euro.


Them dam lazy Greeks


working hours doesn’t equate to full tax compliance. Greece has a notoriously high rate of tax evasion